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Non syllabus sheet music
CodeTitleDescriptionPrice ($)QtyTotal
MRA2Balletic Variations RediscoveredBy Ross Alley20.00
MRA3Adage Class MusicBy Ross Alley30.00
MRA4WaltzesBy Ross Alley30.00
Recommended books
CodeTitleDescriptionPrice ($)QtyTotal
1701French/English Dance DictionaryBy Beaumont15.00
0829Inside Ballet TechniqueBy Valerie Grieg20.00
Syllabus cd
CodeTitleDescriptionPrice ($)QtyTotal
CAN05Grade 1 CD30.00
006/7/8Grades 2-6 CDsSets of 3. Can be purchased separately90.00
682Intermediate CD60.00
683Advanced I CD60.00
685Advanced II CD60.00
Syllabus sheet music
CodeTitleDescriptionPrice ($)QtyTotal
CSC03Grades 1-6 NEW sheet musicPrinted in Canada Aug 201045.00
631Intermediate sheet music35.00
628MajorsIncluding Diploma35.00
629Advanced I sheet music45.00
636Advanced II sheet musicIncludes additional music by Ross Alley 200345.00
Syllabus video
CodeTitleDescriptionPrice ($)QtyTotal
005Tradition of CecchettiFloyd. Video only - Not available60.00
Technical notes
CodeTitleDescriptionPrice ($)QtyTotal
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02BStandards technical notes, Primary to Std. 6Presentation Classes added March 201335.00
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01CGrades and Presentation Class Syllabi, Grade 1 to 6Revised September 202140.00
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607Senior Certificate technical notesRevised March 201425.00
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608Intermediate technical notesRevised August 201630.00
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609Advanced I technical notesRevised March 202030.00
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03AAdvanced II technical notesRevised April 2008, Reprinted October 202130.00
03BSupplementary Exercises for Advanced II - CICB 20100.00
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04AMaestro Enrico Cecchetti Diploma technical notesFree with other item0.00
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010Qualifying Examinations Course Outlines-Revised 201820.00
675The Manual40.00
676Theory and Practice of Advanced Allegro35.00
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RS01Related Subjects for Associate by Clare Faulkner - Paper 1Prerequisite of the Associate exam40.00
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RS02Related Subjects for Associate Diploma by Clare Faulkner - Paper 2Prerequisite of the Associate Diploma exam50.00
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RT01Music: A Guide to basic requirementsBy Roland Thompson20.00
677Theory and Practice of Allegro35.00
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05AGrades Theory BookletMinimum order 10 (May, 2018) A great reference guide for students as they study Grades 1-6.15.00
RS01FSujets Reliés - Partie 1 pour Associate (Français)Version électronique seulement35.00
RS02FSujets Reliés - Partie 2 pour Associate (Français)Version électronique seulement45.00
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