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Cecchetti Examinations Deadlines for Exam Estimate Submissions:


October 1st

For Fall / Winter Examinations *Due to time constraints for the fall/winter sessions, teachers are asked to phone the Head Office in September to discuss possible dates for their exam session. Hard copies are due by the deadline date.

January 1st

For Spring / Summer/ Summer School Examinations

Deadlines for Qualifying Examination Deposits:


October 1

Spring/Summer Examinations

May 1

Fall/Winter Examinations

January 1

Summer School Examinations

All qualifying examination deposits ($150.00) are due.
Important - Please include a copy of your Qualifying application form with your deposit.


Deadlines for Application Packages:

  • Application Deadlines – (if your province has a Regional Exam Organizer), packages should be received by Regional Examination Organizer 8 weeks prior to exam tour start date.
  • Complete Examination packages must arrive at Head Office 6 weeks prior to exam tour start date. (One late submission will hold up the entire tour, which is especially dangerous with longer tours.). Partially completed packages will be returned to teachers. Please communicate early with members.
  • Daily schedules must be emailed to H.O. at the same time as the package is shipped, 6 weeks prior.
  • Changes are generally not accepted after the 6 week deadline. Please call Susan Sheffield (705) 684-9991 if you feel that a situation requires special consideration. Significant changes (or emergencies) are subject to approval.
  • Small changes may be submitted to the Examiner by the teacher on the day of exams. This includes; candidate cancellations, rearranging candidates or groups, etc. Numbers must always remain the same as the first time they were submitted to Head Office. (This is true even if the entire schedule is rearranged, or if several candidates are removed from the schedule.)
  • Application packages more than 1 to 7 days late will be invoiced for a $50 late processing fee. Exam results for that teacher will be held until all outstanding fees are received.
  • Packages more than 7 days late will be returned, and the exams will have to be rescheduled.
  • Note: Fees are also returned along with the package, because they are inside the package and have not been accepted or processed yet.
  • Note: The teacher will have to re-apply for a different session, at another time.
  • Note: Rescheduling is not ideal, however we will do everything we can to provide the best service possible to all members, regardless of whether the session must be rescheduled or not. Your cooperation in adhering to deadlines is appreciated, and will ensure that all members receive fair and efficient service.