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All forms and packages should be sent directly to your regional Exam Organizers. Please be sure to contact the organizer in your area if you are planning to enter students for examinations this year.

Regional Examination Coordinators

Regional Examination Coordinators Contacts
Changes are generally not accepted.
Please call Susan Sheffield at 705-684-9991

Please fully complete the forms on this page and email to

Or submit by mail to:
Cecchetti Canada Head Office
525 Lorne Street

Below are links to some other useful resources: Online Teaching Supply Invoice Form


Deadline: Examination schedules must be emailed to the Cecchetti Canada Head Office 6 weeks prior to the first scheduled date of your session.

Please check for spelling accuracy. The information on your exam schedule is used to create your session’s reports and certificates. 
Once your application package has been received by Head Office, one revision is granted free of charge. Each additional revision will incur a processing fee. No changes will be accepted within 30 days of the examination date.

Please use this template to create your exam schedule


An exam application package consists of a combination of the forms listed below. Please read the forms carefully, and fill them out completely. Incomplete or missing information will result in delayed processing and may be returned. Forms must be received by the Cecchetti Canada Head Office by the application deadlines. Please check with your regional Exam Organizer (if available) for more information about Cecchetti Examinations in your area.
  • A001 - Examination Estimate Form Provides estimate information about the levels to be examined, and the duration of your sessions.

    Your Estimate form must be received no later than:
    October 1 for Fall or Winter Exams
    January 1 for Spring or Summer Exams

Examination Applications for Dancers & Teachers

A combination of these forms are used to apply for Class, Grade, and Major examinations.  

Related Subjects Application

Pre-requisite for Associate and Associate Diploma Exams  

Qualifying Exam Application

Successful completion of these examinations leads to qualification with Cecchetti Canada (CC), and Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB). Please note the prerequisites for each qualifying level.
Your Qualifying application form must be received no later than:
October 1 for Spring / Summer Exams
January 1 for  Summer School Exams
May 1  for Fall/ Winter Exams  

Cancellation of a Qualifying Examination:

Candidates who cancel a Qualifying examination before the closing date, (8 weeks prior to beginning of exam tour) will have their non-refundable deposit of $150 be held for a maximum of one year for a future examination session. To facilitate organizing the exam session Head Office must be notified in writing of any cancellation or postponement a minimum of three months prior to exam session. There will be no refund/credit if examination is cancelled after the closing date (8 weeks prior to beginning of exam tour).

Maestro Enrico Cecchetti Diploma Application

A highly prestigious achievement, encompassing the full extent of the Cecchetti work. This is not a qualifying examination. Application deadline is minimum six weeks before exam date. Applications arriving after the deadline date are subject to late fees or cancellation.